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Gluten Free Bakery Girl

116 N Talbot Street ESt. Michaelsn Maryland 21663 USA t: 801.792.3700 e: glutenfreebakerygirl@gmail.com www.glutenfreebakerygirl.com

Directions and Contact details

I am physically located at 16 N. Talbot St in St. Michaels,

Maryland 21663.  However will ship my gluten free gems

to anywhere in the USA!  And ask me about my cooking

classes and gift certificates! Please email me at

glutenfreebakerygirl@gmail.com or call 801.792.3700

116 N. Talbot Street, St. Michaels, MD 21663 801-792-3700
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e: glutenfreebakerygirl@gmail.com t: 801.792.3700